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Albert Einstein


Science or Religion?


Based on what we've now learnt about contagion, you may no longer be surprised to learn that the effectiveness of vaccines has never been scientifically satisfied.


This is due, in part, to the fact that vaccines are not subject to FDA negative control standards (placebo/double-blind testing) due to the legal denomination 'biologic' and not medicine.

Unfortunately, vaccination has conversely only ever been shown to cause harm.

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Hundreds of peer reviewed studies have shown a direct link between vaccines and a variety of chronic illnesses. For example, autism, neuropathy and even sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS) are all included on the package insert of the DTP vaccine - now banned in the US, but still administered to African children regardless. 

Following the NCVIA's vaccine schedule amendment of 1989, the CDC has gradually mandated an additional and significantly profitable 42 vaccines.

Before 1989, many neurodevelopmental conditions, such as ADD, ADHD, ASD, speech delays, tics, narcolepsy, tourette's syndrome etc, were all virtually unheard of.

Including heavy metals such as mercury, aluminium and various other toxins, an entire array of auto-immune diseases also 'mysteriously' emerged following the vaccine schedule amendment of 1989.

Rheumatoid arthritus, juvenile diabetes, fibromyalgia and guillain-barre are just 4 of 420 auto-immune diseases that quickly became epidemic following this year. What is the only product in the world that attempts to amend the immune system?

Just a coincidence? No, these conditions are also included on vaccine package inserts as potential 'side-effects'. Now we know the true nature of 'viruses', why take the risk?

In the 1960's the vaccine industry was worth $287 million, today it's worth $60 billion and avoids lawsuits through the soft disclosure of such known 'side-effects'. 


Further still, the four big pharma giants responsible for these vaccines - Sanofi, Merck, Glaxo and Pfizer - are all convicted felons who further profit from the drugs they create to treat vaccine injuries: Adderall, Ritalin, Concerta etc.


Through fraud, defraud, bribery, falsifying science, blackmailing doctors and lying to regulators, they have collectively paid $35 billion in damages and penalties over the past ten years alone. Would you put your health in the hands of known criminals?  

"It is almost impossible to to convince a man of a fact,

if that fact diminishes his salary."

Upton Sinclair 

But if these chronic 'side-effects' are truly the result of untested, dangerous vaccines, why do we never hear about it? Why are we so unquestionably supportive of vaccines?


Although the vaccine act legally enforces honesty on product inserts, it doesn't ensure manufacturer honesty anywhere else...

Rupert Murdoch has partnerships with Glaxo and owns one of the largest vaccine companies. Anderson Cooper, CNN, is sponsored by Pfizer. Erin Burnett, CNN, is sponsored by Pfizer. NBC nightly news is sponsored by Merck. This is likely all you need to know.


The alleged 20th century vaccine success story of measles, polio and smallpox is often cited as proof that vaccines work.


But mortalities from tuburculosis, cholera, scurvy, scarlet fever and many other diseases declined at precisely the same time - for which there are no vaccines.


This nationwide wide decline in mortality was the result of widespread poverty programmes and the implementation of food safety, clean water and effective waste disposal in impoverished areas of the US. Significantly improving nutrition, sanitation, hygiene and the general quality of life for thousands of people.


"Thus vaccination does not account for the impressive declines in mortality seen in the first half of the 20th century." CDC


The vaccine orthodoxy relies not upon science but on marketing and a cult-like faith.  


Due to the fact that vaccines are not subject to FDA double-blind testing, there is no study in existence showing that vaccinated children are healthier than unvaccinated children.

Vaccination is, therefore, alongside contagion, a scientifically unfounded, deeply rooted belief system. A religion propagated for profit that's never been empirically satisfied.


Conversely, there are many studies revealing that unvaccinated children are, in fact, healthier than vaccinated children.

"Unthinking respect for authority

is the greatest enemy of truth."



The theory of 'tricking' the immune system sounds great to the uninformed. But when you understand the true science of 'viruses' you'll see why the injection of bovine, monkey and human fetal serum, formaldehyde and a toxic blend of heavy metals is absurd, harmful or inert at best.


Our insurance led, fear-based model of vaccination has unsuccessfully and dishonestly attempted to treat the effects of illness, forever misunderstanding the cause of disease.


This is, in part, why Dr. Stefan Lanka and an increasing number of healthcare professionals, are pushing for a long overdue, reform in allopathic, palliative, western healthcare.

In accepting authority on blind faith alone, our minds have been placed in a false medical paradigm, conditioned to fear an endless array of 'viruses', each of which conveniently pair with a profitable vaccine. 


In reality, however, this is solely scandalous marketing used to maintain the false, deceptive paradigm of contagion - a re-branding of our own genetic material for profit and nefarious, political purposes we shall now explore.


But wait, how can any of this be true? Thousands, we're told are dying and testing positive for Covid-19. We'll get there, but first I need to introduce you to the real government. 

Towards the Truth...

Learn about the darkness of our world and the true nature of our political landscape...

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