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S U P P O R T 

N E W 


A better world for everyone

How can we achieve this?

"Those who love peace must learn to organise themselves as effectively as those who love war."

Martin Luther King

As a global community we can only succeed by coming together to do what our failed governments should be doing but never will. To collaboratively fund what no developer would ever fund; housing for people not profit, true freedom in society.

This means we need to unite thousands of people - worldwide - for New Earth crowdsourcing; a transparent, optional and truly democratic alternative to compulsory income tax. We believe that most people want to contribute to society and shouldn't be forced - especially whilst our money is so grossly misused by the state.  

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So in New Earth, the amount and how often we contribute is entirely up to us. Because through the digital age we've now reached the empowering time that we - the people - can pro-actively create the world we see fit. There are no politicians nor petitions required.


It all starts right here, right now with crowdsourcing. Today, each and every one of us can make the conscious decision to fund a free world.


But sadly most are unaware of this and we forever pay the price in excessive tax, rent and bills.


So here's what we can do...

How you can help...

In 3 simple steps: Connect, Share, Support.

Step 1

Join New Earth, meet like minds, keep posted and interact with fellow community supporters.  


Step 2



Share this vision with friends, family and followers to build New Earth hype and the exposure we need.

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Step 3



Choose your monthly tier, select a custom, one-off donation or offer cryptocurrency.

What will we do?

Our crowdsourcing campaign will unfold over two phases. Initially all funds will be used for exposure and the eventual acquisition of suburban land.

Phase two funding will support the design and construction of our flagship building.

What is Co-housing?

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Co-housing is a community of private apartments supplemented by shared spaces. 

Unlike the Venus Project and other large scale visions of a better world, it is our intention to begin at a local scale. With your support, our first product will present a single building offering proof of concept, publicity and the exposure we need to make this a reality.

Without institutional funding and relying solely upon crowdsourcing we feel this is the best approach. Social reform requires real-world construction and can no longer remain a mere academic, idealist pursuit.

So working together with our online, global community, we will provide shelter, energy, food and water as basic human rights through five key building zones: 






Living Space

Private en suite studio flats to rest, shower, cook or study + communal lounge areas...


Productive Space

Hydroponic biomes for the continuous production of organic plant based foods.


Community Space

A flexible, central space for town hall meetings, talks, dining, yoga, workshops and more!