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The State & the Solution

The Government is currently stealing your money and using it to fund nothing but the continuation of a broken society. Here's how and what we can do about it so that we can live better lives in a better world for everyone…

In the UK, on average, we make around £2000 per month; but that’s not what we earn. After tax (20%) and national insurance (13.5%) we’re left with just £1330. This colossal amount is deducted by default and we’re unpaid for an entire one third of our working lives. As it happens, we have no say or choice in how this money is spent by the state.

If we did, we’d surely first agree that it should go towards the basic things we need most: shelter, energy, food and water. But without a true democracy and a social model that breeds only poverty and inequality, let's face it, this option will never present itself.

The state’s model of mandatory tax, therefore, forces us - the people - to fund nothing but a broken and corrupt system of exploitation and mental slavery for survival. This much becomes clear once plunged deeper into debt, at the hands of greedy landlords, in receipt of excessive monthly rent and bills.

Many now subsequently support the communist carrot of a ‘universal basic income’ and at first this sounds ok. But of course, in this global game of monopoly there's always a catch; and where else will we run once the economy is finally crushed and our jobs are devoured by machines?

A technocracy is imminent and the World Economic Forum’s ‘great reset’ has finally arrived. And like an invisible prison wall the UN will soon stand between you and your basic human needs. The name of the game is always control and state dependence will grow just as quickly as our compliance if we’re to receive the ‘strings attached’ handouts for survival itself.

Our opportunity, though, resides simply in the fact that our only dependence is not upon the state, but upon ourselves and the essential things we need. And in this digital age, it is now well within our reach to organise ourselves and directly make the changes we wish to see in the world. There are no politicians nor petitions required.

Quite simply, if we - the people - unite to freely fulfil our basic human needs we can create a world worth living in. If not, we’ll soon pay the incalculable price in ‘smart’ cities using the social credits of an enslaved surveillance state.

So what do we do?

The solution is simple: we need financial freedom. A ‘no strings’ basic right to shelter, energy, food and water sourced directly and freely from the comfort of our homes. A solid ‘socialist’ foundation upon which ‘capitalism’ can thrive - ‘post-capitalism’. But these labels are unfortunate and divisive. What we need is balance.

Imagine then a simple social network that implements crowdfunding as a transparent, optional and truly democratic replacement to forced taxation. A new, honest system simply driven by our freedom to fund the projects we want to see. This is the essence of the New Earth model and we’re using it to do what the government should be doing but never will.

As architects, we’re bringing people together to crowdfund land and independent co-housing that freely provides shelter, energy, food and water as basic human rights. This will oversee a social revolution driven by a community of conscious individuals.

Please visit us at to join in and learn more. We are the people, we have the power and we’re looking forward to having you on board as we unite for a more enlightened, free world.

Learn more and participate in this project:

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