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Karl Marx




Thousands, we're told, are infected and dying from Covid-19, but is that true? So far, the science doesn't bode well for this claim. 

SARS-CoV-2, if you remember, along with all other 'viruses', has never been isolated and, therefore, never proven to cause disease. The 'scientists' simply said "there's a new infectious disease, it's caused by a deadly virus" and that is all.


The media led, global echo chamber, subsequent hysteria, fraudulent figures, graphs and political policies made in the wake of this unfounded statement have seemingly immortalised this idea as objective truth.


But blind faith, incredulity, mass hypnosis, propaganda and useless tests are the only preservers of this universal lie.


At first, doctors were misdiagnosing covid-19 solely on common 'flu-like' symptoms. But in searching for generic antibodies produced in the event of any illness, the equally unscientific serology test soon made way.


So to confirm infection with covid-19, the infamous RT-PCR test was slowly rolled out across the entire globe. Unfortunately, however, straight from the horses mouth, the U.S. CDC even admits that:


"Positive results are indicative of active infection with 2019-nCoV but do not rule out bacterial infection or co-infection with other viruses. The agent detected may not be the definite cause of disease."    

This is a rather big deal; for within our current, delusional medical paradigm even the common cold is said to be caused by a coronavirus. In using a generic test incapable of discerning any 'virus' or even bacteria, understandably, a cold, a cough, a temperature or virtually any illness at all, will yield a positive result.  

Worse still, the RT-PCR test uses a quantitative - not qualitative - technique known as amplification - thus destroying 'viral' load - the most salient indicator of illness.

Using this test, it is simple to redesignate regular flu and pneumonia deaths as 'covid-19'.


Given that thousands of people die every year from the flu and pneumonia alone, this re-branding and marketing of disease would certainly sell the scary illusion of a new deadly virus.

The flu killed 28,330 people in the 2014/15 UK flu season (PHE). In the US 2017/18 season, it killed 61,000 people with an estimated 45 million cases (CDC). But where was the lockdown? Where were the masks? Where was the social distancing? Where was the quarantine?

All it takes is a media spotlight and a twisted re-branding of these deaths and cases to incite widespread hysteria and the notion that 'something must be done' - problem, reaction solution.

Flu Seasons.jpg

Without understanding the generic nature of this test, positive results were always set to start a global frenzy, 'confirming' the existence of 'a new deadly virus'.


But with an 80% false positive rate in China from the outset, plus the the fact that 99.1% of Italian fatalities had pre-existing morbidities, you'd be wise to wonder why these observations were overlooked. 

At the same time, 4 days before UK lockdown, the British government announced that covid-19 is no longer considered a high consequence infectious disease (HCID). This too was 'mysteriously' overlooked


Instead, in merely predicting that 500,000 Brits and 2.2 million Americans could die,  the entire western world was led into an unprecedented lockdown purely on propaganda and the pseudo-scientific analysis of Imperial College London's Neil Ferguson - a man proven wildly wrong, time and time and time again.

As a result, shops, bars, town centres and parks were deserted, our very livelihoods suspended on grounds that going outside might spread 'the virus' and ultimately kill people - STAY AT HOME > SAVE LIVES.


Most sadly, however, entire hospitals were evacuated, local GP's were closed and in absence of a panic-struck, shortness of breath, global healthcare was on hold.

The harsh repercussions of this fascist imposition were inevitable. Accommodating only for 'covid-19', chronically sick, hospitalised, elderly patients were prematurely thrown into chaotic care homes, no longer attended by nurses and doctors through fear of spreading 'the virus'.

Without antibiotics and appropriate treatments, pre-existing diseases deepened, bacterial 'infections' spread and the premature deaths of countless, vulnerable patients occurred throughout this genocide.


During lockdown, the enforced issuing of 'do not resuscitate' forms only added to the increasing death toll in nursing homes.   

Trapped in our own homes, sick people  were now scared to call for help, treatments were cancelled, disease went undiagnosed, mental illness increased and suicide soared.


Strict precautions and ill-thought out protocols interfered with otherwise expedient responses to heart attacks, strokes, seizures and fits.

These are the reasons we only observe an increase in overall fatalities throughout the weeks of lockdown. (ONS)

ONS Overall.jpg

It is worth noting the language used by mainstream media on reporting alleged cases

and deaths from covid--19:


"X person tests positive for coronavirus." 

Not "X person tests positive for covid-19."

"X person dies after having tested positive for coronavirus." Not "X person dies of coronavirus." 


"X person dies with coronavirus."

Not "X person dies of coronavirus." 

This reporting/propaganda is misleading and not mere semantics, for 'coronaviruses' (exosomes) are constantly present in the human population.   

"You can fool some of the people, some of the time,

but you can't fool all of the people all of the time."

Bob Marley

Bizarre policies in government further facilitated the redesignation of ANY DEATH that occurred within 28 days of testing positive:

"There is no change in the definition used to report deaths of COVID-19, which is defined as an individual who has died and has had a laboratory confirmed report of COVID-19 in the 28 days prior to death."

The nature of such deaths is thus irrelevant according to this system - heart attack, cancer or car crash, in event of a recent positive test, it's all covid-19.


Other bills and illegally passed policies were as equally unscrupulous, but superior in their 'predictive' abilities. Bill H.R.748, the 'COVID-19 CARES ACT' for example, was introduced to the U.S. congress an entire year before the initial outbreak on 24/01/19. (Alarm bells?)

But the U.S government wasn't the only institution that saw this coming. In hosting Event 201, the Bill and Melinda Gates foundation, along with Johns Hopkins and world economic forum, rather prophetically ran a 'mysteriously' accurate simulation of a coronavirus pandemic just six weeks before the outbreak on 18/10/19.

Further back still, the 2017 advent of the trump administration saw Anthony Fauci give an impeccably prophetic speech in which he stated:

"There is no question of a surprise outbreak, the one thing we know for sure, is that this will occur in the next few years."

Anthony Fauci   

The true science confirms that in reality there are no pathogenic viruses. So aside from the junk food, binge drinking and air pollution that all eventually give rise to flu-like symptoms, what else could be sickening us at this time?

Through anecdotal evidence, we certainly seem to be suffering a certain pandemic of sorts, but if it's not a virus then what is it?

Firstly we must appreciate the power of the mind. If we have mild, cold-like symptoms but are conversely informed that we may have a life threatening disease, we may be forgiven for exhibiting a shortness of breath.


The all encompassing fear of death alone, is surely enough to transform the mildest of ailments into a cortisol induced, chemical poison of sorts - a deadly, psychosomatic blend of hyperchondria, paranoia, panic, anxiety and stress - all of which weaken the immune system.

But psychosomatics aside, in the field of electro-magnetic radiation, there is a certain technology we may be wise to question.  


In the year 1916 the arrival of radio waves was shortly followed by the 'Spanish flu'. In 2003 we saw the rollout of 3G technology and 'SARS-CoV-1'. Six years later in 2009, 4G technology arrived alongside the 'swine flu' epidemic.


But most recently, we observed the installation of 5G towers throughout the lockdown caused by an alleged 'SARS-CoV-2' pandemic.

Can this century long, routine correlation really be a coincidence? Or is the fascist MIC simply staging epidemics to cover the physiological effects of acclimating to higher frequency, electro-smog radiation?

Of course the idea that radiation can cause 'a virus' sounds ludicrous to the uninformed, but once you've discovered the true nature of 'a virus' (excretion of a toxic cell) it makes perfect sense.

Strangely, there are very few independent studies on the effects of this technology, and once conducted, they're curiously retracted. The abstract of one such study, published on the US NIH (National Institute of Health) read as follows: 


Further still, for British broadcasters, any discussion of the possible relationship between radiation and flu-like symptoms is effectively banned. In absence of the first amendment, the state office for communications (Ofcom) recently threatened sanctions to anyone broaching this topic.


Reminder - Fascism: a form of far-right government characterised by dictatorial power and forcible suppression of opposition.

"Tyranny is the deliberate removal of nuance."

Albert Maysles

Futher to the fact that there is no material contagion - what shall we make of the speculative Wuhan Institute of Virology (WIV) lab leak theory? Radiation leaks, oil spills, yes. But let's not forget that 'viruses' constitute physical matter, not an infinite, noxious mist. 

It is true that the U.S. Government funded Shi Zhengli and her team at WIV $3.7 million for what's known as 'gain-of-function' studies - controversial experiments that increase the virulence of 'pathogens'.


But why perform such controversial experiments? you rightly ask. "For advanced vaccine development and preparation for the ‘inevitable’ pandemic", they say. But let's pause, just for a second, and take the time to remember the deeply unscientific, religious dogma surrounding vaccination.

You can read about gain-of-function studies til' the cows come home, but it won't change the fact that despite these chimeric, mutant creations, nature simply doesn’t support the illusory idea of an inexorable, airborne, pathogenic 'virus' passing from host to host.

Remember, the infectiousness of a 'virus' is not objective, transmission of toxicity depends upon both 'viral' load and immunity - 'viruses' are the result of toxicity and not the cause of illness.


What chance then, does a 'virus' have in successfully sickening even its second victim? Let alone circumnavigating the entire globe, infecting billions in its wake.

From proximity, exposure and immunity to hygiene, nutrition and basic social etiquette, the unlikely pre-requisite conditions for a sneeze to cause sickness are so improbably rare, it begs the question why the fascist NIH directed the unthinking scientists to perform such studies at all. What's in it for them?

Let's recall the Hegelian dialectic - problem, reaction, solution.     

Donald Trump has already announced that evidence exists proving that the 'virus' was made in a lab. So when this misleading narrative gathers momentum and the zoonotic myth wears thin, watch how they jump ship and blame China to justify what's been on the cards for a long time - a cold war with China.


Divide and rule is the oldest trick in the book. So to reign over the masses and keep the collective consciousness at an all time low, aside from sustained psychological enslavement and endless entertainment, there's little better than a fear inducing stand off between the 'superpowers' of the world.

In light of all this, through understanding the true science alone, it's needless to state that from lockdown and social distancing, to mandatory masks and self-isolation, the fascist, political impositions that are currently destroying the lives of billions of people are, as Dr Sucharit Bhakdi rightly stated "grotesque, absurd and very dangerous".

The psychological implications of quarantine, the disturbing social effects of distancing and the detrimental health conditions of restricting oxygen, are but few of the catastrophic effects we are collectively experiencing due to this clear-cut psyop. 

Inhaling our own carbon dioxide and the synthetic particulates of masks, excessively sanitising our hands and depriving ourselves of vitamin d, clearly won't protect us from 'airborne viruses' that don't cause illness.


Conversely, this deranged reality will only serve to weaken the immune system, cause stress, render us susceptible to disease and psychologically dismantle the young and old.


All this madness then, to what ends? Although accepting the existence of a globalist, despotic cult, I confess, is a difficult pill to swallow, it doesn't mean it isn't true. Indeed, throughout all ages the stubborn desire for global domination has blessed the genetic lineage of the establishment.

In the past of course, it was overt, in your face dictatorship. From the 'divine' right of kings to beheadings and gulags, uprisings were inevitable and governments were overthrown in the face of obvious, transparent and physically enforced forms of control.

In the twenty first century, of course, you'd never get away with this. But in today's world, with hypnotic handheld devices at every turn, a Pavlovian model of elementary education and indentured servitude for survival, perhaps you needn't require such brutal behaviour. It would be far better to gain their support.

Today, unbeknown to the masses, we are the victims of a much subtler, psychological, invisible form of state control. A hands-off, 'chains of gold' approach capturing the mind from a sprightly young age and rendering us complicit, even content with a life time sentence of indentured servitude. 

"The victim of mind manipulation does not know that he is a victim, to him the walls of his prison are invisible and he believes himself to be free. That he is not free is apparent only to other people, his servitude is strictly objective."


Aldous Huxley - Brave New World

Albeit a smarter, more covert approach, long before our earthly arrival, the goal is what it's always been  - a one world government.

"A nation of sheep, begets a government of wolves."

Edward R. Murrow

So let's now take a quick look at how this scandalous global psyop assists an ongoing political agenda.

For an international state of dependency, the monopolisation of our economy is a must. And to this end, is there a better, more expedient method than forcing closure on all independent industry, crashing the economy and buying it out for cents on the dollar?

The monopolisation of food & drink is already an ominous reality, it just doesn't seem that way when we're in the supermarket... 


Redundant, jobless and without any work in sight, millions fell directly into the 'loving' arms of the state. Furlough, universal credit and assurance that it's all for our safety averted the inevitable rebellion. But when it's all said and done, who will you really work for? What's their goal?


"The welfare of humanity is always the alibi of tyrants."

Albert Camus  

The false belief in a new 'deadly virus' nefariously dwelling in the fabric of society, patiently waiting to inflict infection on the surface of notes and coins, only furthers this despotic, globalist agenda.

"To stop the spread of 'the virus', we must remove physical cash from circulation", they'll say. I admit, cash is beginning to feel a little inconvenient, but at least it's definitively yours - you can spend it as you please. But add a Chinese style social crediting system to a solely digital currency and you best watch what you say. 


Trains, planes, buses and taxis are just some of the modern conveniences denied to outspoken, blacklisted Chinese citizens. Although the industrial production of notes and coins seems increasingly superfluous, without the appropriate financial protections, we should always have the option to convert our digital earnings into a tangible, physical currency.

With the rather ominous term 'track and trace' swiftly entering common parlance, it's worth noting how our disparate fields of biology and technology are seemingly merging into a unified, lucrative field of bio-tech.


Now seemingly the head of global healthcare, billionaire 'philanthropist' Bill Gates, was once the head of Microsoft, how did this bizarre transition occur?

Under the guise of data protection and the token, virtue signalling concern for marginalised groups, Microsoft's 'predicatively' titled ID2020 pact with Gavi (The Vaccine Alliance) promises digital identity for all - a mandatory RNA vaccination program eventually injecting quantum dot tattoos into the arms of the masses, a digital tag of sorts.

Sold for its convenience, the Swedes have already lapped up a less advanced form of insertable microchips. Through our obsession and addiction to technology, most needn't be convinced. Worried about losing your wallet? Lost your passport? No worries when they're in your arm.

From holdables, to wearables, to insertables we're quickly outsourcing our innate mental faculties to technology. Man is becoming machine and if the seemingly villainous figure of Elon Musk succeeds, our brains will soon be connected, via direct neural-link technology to AI.

As our addiction to technology deepens, our ability to live without it wanes and if we're not careful, apple store-like queues will soon extend into the dystopian, urban horizons of a new world order, filled with an effortlessly controllable, micro-chipped population, impatiently awaiting the next neurological upgrade.


"It's ok to get on the computer,

but don't let the computer get on you."


What's wrong with that? you may ask. Like most technologies, a direct neurological link to AI could be positively employed. But on ditching cables for the inevitable, irresistible, wireless and synthetic neo-cortex, our brains will be entirely state owned.


This may seem a little far-fetched for the ludite. However, it's anything but for the likes of Elon Musk and fellow trans-humanist Ray Kurzweil at Google.     

From televisions, drones, laptops and phones, our addiction to technology is the driving force that prevents us from expanding in consciousness. A higher state of awareness that cuts straight through the shadows and lies of our culture.

"No problem can be solved from the same level of consciousness that created it."


Albert Einstein

"Strange times are these, when young and old

are taught falsehoods; and those who dare

speak the truth are called, at once, a lunatic and fool."



Only when we begin to think more holistically, over a vaster expanse of time, do we come to see the light and learn the clandestine nature of our enemy.


In connecting what otherwise seem arbitrary events, we're brought - often kicking and screaming - into the realisation that the chaos of our war faring world is not always random, but orchestrated and planned. 



If the problem is a small but 'all-powerful', despotic, globalist cabal of banksters, technocrats and eugenicists, the solution is simple. For we are the people, we are the power, we are the 99%.

Wizard of Oz.jpeg

Instead of a totalitarian, global dictatorship, surveying the masses and starving us of basic human rights. With special thanks to the internet we can simply come together and co-create a far better world based on true freedom, abundance and wellbeing for all.

A post-capitalist world that reforms our beleaguered economic model with basic principles, common sense and compassion.

Please visit our homepage to learn more about this new, liberating social model for humanity and connect/share with your friends, family and followers to help make it happen. We are the change! 

"Those who love peace, must learn to organise themselves as effectively as those who love war."

Martin Luther King

"We are the ones we've been waiting for."

Hopi Elder

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